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Latest feature highlights

HTTP attack response

Discover how your WAF provided an HTTP response to the Wafcher engine attacks

New analytics

Explore and perform an in-depth analysis with the new WebFence network charts

Certificate renewal

Detect & renew existing certificates with an intuitive Foreman workflow

April 2021 product updates


Managed WAF

★ New features

  • Update R&S core engine from 6.5.6 patch 4 to 6.5.6 patch 5
✔ Fixed

  • Traffic interruption time is now reduced
  • Fixed error on security exception when partKey is huge


WAF security audits

★ New features

  • View HTTP attack response details in the request inspector
  • Track scans in progress on dedicated Wafcher page
  • View specific scan failure codes (blacklist, network, DNS, ...)

✔ Fixed

  • Improved scan storage rotation
  • Fixed last failed scans view in the dashboard


Certificate management

★ New features

  • Renew existing certificates
  • View similar certificates in the detail tab


Organization & IAM

★ New features

  • Improved security with Webfence WAF protection
  • New Cyber Security menu now globally available
  • Mobile phone verification for all users
  • Import users from a Plume project